Regala emociones en forma de flores. Cada pétalo es un recuerdo de cariño y gratitud.
Mayoflor. Flowers at home
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Regala emociones en forma de flores. Cada pétalo es un recuerdo de cariño y gratitud.

Gerberas have become one of the most sought-after flower species of the moment. This is partly due to its great beauty, achieved thanks to its large number of petals and the uniqueness of its yarn. But it also has another great advantage: it comes in a multitude of colours! 

Due to its wide range of tones you will always find the right moment to get your hands on a bouquet of gerberas. If you want them to decorate your home, just check our extensive catalogue and choose the colour or colours that best suit your tastes or style of decorating, they will look great in any corner!

If on the other hand you prefer to get them as a gift, you have to take into account the symbology of the color to get it right and choose the right gerberas

The white tone means purity and calm. They are ideal to complement in a center of flowers and also to give white gerberas when you are going to give good news or you want to transmit a feeling of peace. 

The reddish color is one of the stars in the world of flowers, so red gerberas are the order of the day. As you know, they are used to convey feelings of love, passion and desire. 

Yellow gerberas are perfect for home decoration as they transmit much joy and life. A center of this type of flowers gives light and joy to the room in which it is located. It is an ideal color when we want to give a gift to a friend or to receive a new life to this world. 

On the other hand, lilac or blue gerberas convey feelings of calm when we witness them. This type of plants are ideal for decoration when we want to convey a feeling of tranquility and harmony. These are some of the most commonly used flowers to decorate some businesses, especially in places like waiting rooms. Have you ever noticed them? 

If you want to get your gerbera bouquet or centre at home, don't hesitate to check our catalogue and choose the shades you like best or most suitable for your needs, we have everything you need! 

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